Job Detail Of ( Branch Manager )

Oversee operations at a branch level including the management of staff and assets. Working closely with the heads of divisions and the Head of Operational Excellence, the branch manager is accountable for providing a full support structure locally, to the sales teams and thereby ensure that all elements required for the sales teams to be successful are in place at the branch level.

Key Accountabilities:

1) Business Objectives:

Branch manager manages human, financial and commercial resources to ensure that the divisions are supported fully and that the cash revenue of the branches is actively flowing. Working closely with the sales teams and division heads, he regularly reviews the sales performance within the branch, guides and motivates sales teams and other support staff in meeting their objectives & targets, and seeks to retain or improve market share. He is responsible for all counter sales within the branch.

2) Sales & Marketing:

The branch manager keeps close contact with the trade and obtains market intelligence to establish customer needs to assist the sales teams. Working closely with the division heads, he regularly assesses the sales teams to ensure the achievement and maintenance of sales and after sales standards. Personally gets involved with the management of client issues in the territory. Liaises with division heads and marketing in regards to trade show attendance.

3) Procurement Planning, Sourcing, and Inventory:

The branch manager will keep a track on stock levels for each division and advise the division head of highs and lows in sales to ensure that stock is locally available for the sales team to  offer. He will work with sales teams to ascertain the market requirements and advise the division head accordingly

4) Customer Satisfaction:

The branch manager follows customer complaints and comments of customers. Accordingly, he ascertains the issues and discusses with division heads as to rectification practices where required. He ensures strict implementation of sales standards. He investigates all customer complaints to identify the weak areas. Should areas be identified, he advises the division head who then arranges for the relevant training of sales staff. 

5) Human Resources:

The branch manager identifies the high achievers amongst the staff in the branch. He utilizes his job knowledge, customer service feedback and knowledge of weak areas within his staff to identify training needs and development plans for his staff. He identifies the aptitude, knowledge level, aspirations, strengths, and weakness of each member of his staff. 

6) Facilities & Support:

The branch manager ensures that the facilities, assets, and operations inside the branch are maintained to a high standard inclusive of the buildings both interior and exterior. He ensures that manpower to support the operation of the branch is available for the branch to support the sales teams. He works with head office in ensuring that local legislative requirements are entertained and in place and certifications are up to date to allow for further recruitment if required.

Job Context:
  • Communicate the vision, mission, and values for direction and guidance across the company.
  • Adapt to the rapidly changing nature of the market environment in the Middle East market.
  • Assists the division heads to create accurate forecasting to enable the prediction of future developments in our business such as sales, expenditures, and profits.
Profile of expected competencies and qualification Behavioral Competencies:

  • Promote tolerance and respect
  • Take time to understand others cultural norms, perspectives, and rules
  • Work effectively across various employed cultures
  • Develop and maintain effective internal and external working relationships

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