Job Detail Of ( Drafts Man )

Main Duties: 

  • Study the customer inquiry based on the inputs received from Design Engineer or direct.
  • Enter the inquiry in the ERP system and provide the part number of ERP system to the Design Engineer.
  • Recheck the feasibility of the inquiry with respect to scope of the business and Manufacturing as per the company standard and communicate to the Design engineer if not feasible. 
  • As per the Plan of the Design Engineer, design the circuit & submit to the Designer for checking.
  • Preparation of Bill of Material based on the inputs provided by the designer and submit for checking to Design engineer.
  • Check stock availability and the cost of the material that is to be used in the circuit and communicate to the Design Engineer.
  • Preparation of RFQ for the materials which are not in stock, suggesting the supplier as per the input from the Design Engineer. 
  • Follow-up with the Purchase department for the pending RFQ. ·         
  • Preparation of the Estimation for the inquiry as per the stock availability and RFQ, and then submit to the Design Engineer for further processing.
  • Coordinating with the Production department to estimate the man hours required for quoting the inquiry and submitting to the Design Engineer.
  • Prepare the quote incorporating the quotations received from the suppliers and the Man-hours from Production department in ERP system as per the instructions from the Design Engineer.
  • After receiving the Order prepare the preliminary drawings (Hydraulic circuit and GA) as per the plan provided by the Design Engineer and submit to the Design engineer for approval.
  • If the sample is provided by the customer, then take the dimensions of the sample with the support from the shop technician and submit to the Design engineer to the plan for this project.
  • After the receiving the Approval creating the part number of work order in ERP system.
  • After the approval of the drawings Based on the inputs from Design engineer for of the parts used in the System or Assembly, Prepare the Purchase Order for the long lead items.
  • Communicate to the designer if any of the parts ordered resulting the delivery schedule of the Project.
  • Preparation of Bill of Material with AFI part numbers for the consumable items.
  • Prepare the detailed Manufacturing drawings and Release the manufacturing Drawings after the approval from the designer to the respective departments and file the drawings in respective files.
  • Release the Documents as per the ISO procedure to the respective departments.
  • Prepare and Release the Quality Plans to the quality department after the approval of the Design engineer.
  • Solve the issues raised by manufacturing / Assembly about drawings thru email, telephone and Shop visit with coordination of the Design engineer. 
  • Prepare the As built drawings and Bill of material after the manufacturing / assembly.
Profile of expected competencies and qualification:
  1.  Three year Diploma course or equivalent in Mechanical, Industrial Production & drafting.
  2. Minimum experience of  four years in similar field.
  3. Plus: Autocad and 3-D software experience is Valued 
  4. Excellent English & Communication Skills. 
Location: Saudi Arabia - Dammam 

Location :
Saudi Arabia - Dammam

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